Last year, I posted a Halloween special on WattPad that consists of 5 short stories.

This year, I decided to do it again. But since I remember it late, I only wrote one story and its’ titled “Fuck the Dead”. The story evolves in a small town where teenagers believe in an urban legend called “Fuck the Dead”. The legend stated that there was a girl met her untimely death in an abandoned house at Exile Street. Everyone believes that once a brave man fucks the dead girl well enough, she’ll wake up and go to the light peacefully.

But when a teenage boy named Tom Hannigan disappeared, his friend Dennis Wellington found out the truth behind the urban legend.

Will the girl really go to the light once she wakes up?

Or will she avenge her death by killing everyone who fucks her?

The inspiration behind this story is the horror movies that have weird and kind of erotic titles. So, I decided to write my own and put a weird and erotic title on it. I choose between “Fuck the dead”, “Kill the horny teenager” and “Say Fuck and your dead”.

I actually came up with three stories for each title. But since I’m running out of time, I just decided to finish one. I’ll write the other stories for next time or next year.

Anyway, I will give you a sneak preview of my newest story. If you find it interesting, read the full story on my WattPad page. Happy reading!


It’s a typical night at the hospital. People come rushing in with broken legs, stabbed wounds, or a man having a heart attack. Every night may have a different problem but one thing in common, everyday someone dies.

Collin, the janitor, has been working in St. Anne’s hospital for 10 good years. He finally gets over with all those horrible sights. He just detaches himself by whistling his favorite song while cleaning all the blood on the floor.

But Collin feels lucky when his boss assigned him to the 4th floor especially in room 411-A. He’s been in the hospital long enough, but not once he has a glimpse of the patient in that room. He heard a story about that patient, and everyone in the hospital called her the modern sleeping beauty. Collin never read the fairy tale story of the sleeping beauty but he heard about an urban legend titled fuck the dead. And he’s dying to try it out.

He does his usual mopping while whistling. He secretly looked around and upon seeing no one’s around, he went inside to 411-A room and there he saw a beautiful blonde girl. He checks the room first if ever there’s a guardian around. When he found it’s empty, he locked the door. He immediately removes the blanket and saw the porcelain complexion of the girl. He smoothly caresses the girl’s legs and he feels his junk hardening. He lifted the hospital dress and sees the girl’s clean pussy. He waived his tongue on his upper lips while inserting his two fingers into the girl’s pussy. Upon feeling the soft and tight pussy, he got excited and pushed it harder inside and out of the girl’s pussy.

After several strokes, he took out his fingers and licks it. “Why do blonde girls always have the tastiest juice?” he asked himself.

He knows he wanted more, so, he checked again outside for anyone and when he sees that no one is around, he locked again the door then pulled the girl’s legs on the side of the bed, making her legs hang while her upper body is lying straight on the bed. He positioned himself in between of it and unzipped his pants. He is about to shove his junk inside of the girl’s pussy when someone grabbed his neck and hold a tight grip on it. He looked up and surprised to see the girl awaken and said, “Don’t you ever think about it!”



Halloween is coming! It seems like it was yesterday when we all welcomed the year 2017. Now, we are hitting the 11th month of 2017.

Halloween is an interesting month for everyone. For kids, Halloween is an eat-all-you-can month of candies and chocolate bars; while for teenagers, Halloween is about partying all night wearing their sluttiest costume that their parents’ probably don’t know exist. But for most, Halloween is a day where they remember and honor their loved ones’ memories who left in this world.

As for me, I usually started my day visiting my relatives in the cemetery and at night, I’m having horror movies marathon. I’m not considering watching horror movies as a tradition on Halloween since I’m always watching horror movies. I’m a fan. And as much as possible, I want to watch all of it no matter how weird their title is. There was one time I watched a movie and turns out it was porn that has a horror-themed on it. My sisters asked me if we were watching the right film.

Anyway, for those who love horror movies, these are the movies that I consider a must-watch on Halloween.

The Grudge (Japan)

I always watch this one with a promise that I’ll finish it. But I guess promises are really made to be broken because I never have the courage to finish it. Every time the all-white kid show up, my heart gave up and I turned it off. I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone, but if you’re brave enough, go watch it. And I’ll appreciate it a lot if you tell me the ending.

The Ring (Japan)

Since I don’t understand Nihongo, I waited for this to be dubbed in English or Tagalog. Luckily, one of the TV networks here in the Philippines dubbed it in Tagalog, so, I’m able to watch it. Big mistake! The movie itself is terrifying and since I’m able to understand the story, I just feel 3X of that terror when I watched it. I ended changing the channel to a religious mass whenever I feel scared.

Shake, Rattle & Roll: LRT (Philippines)

There are lots of Filipino horror movies but I never feel so scared upon watching it. I don’t know if I’m not just easily get scared, or it is not scary at all. So, when I watched one of the movie installments of Shake, Rattle & Roll, I didn’t expect too much. Shake, Rattle & Roll consists of 3 to 4, I think, short stories.

But I stand corrected when I watched LRT. LRT is a train station here in the Philippines and the story evolves on its last trip. I will not tell you the story but after I’ve watched it, I never rode on the last trip of LRT for few weeks.

Battle Royale (Japan)

This movie is not scary but disturbing. A group of students is forced to kill one another. The last student standing or alive will be declared the winner.

When I watched this movie, I was in college and we have an upcoming field trip. One of my classmates told me that we will end up like those students in the movie. I swear, I almost back out from that field trip because I know I will not survive if that happens.

Insidious 1 & 2 (U.S)

I didn’t get scared with this movie but I love the story. The creator did a great job on connecting the story together. Not all movies can do that, so, I’ll give them that credit.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (U.S)

I’m bored when I discovered this movie. I just want to watch a horror movie that time. So, even the synopsis is boring, I still decided to watch it. And I must say it was a good decision because the movie is great. I love the story. The best part of it is the revelation.

Jeepers Creepers 1 (U.S)

The only part of this movie that I get scared is whenever the song is playing because I know in any second the Jeepers Creepers will snatch people.

IT (U.S 2017)

This is a Stephen King’s work, obviously, this is scary and great. But I think what makes this scarier is the portrayal of the children. Once upon a time, we were all kids so we know how helpless we were to be scared of something that no adults could see or understand.

Urban Legend and the Sixth Sense (U.S)

This might be old movies but when it comes to good story matched with good acting, this is still two of the best horror movies, in my opinion.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (U.S)

Halloween will never be complete without Freddy Krueger messing around in your dreams.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (U.S)

All exorcism-related movies are indeed scary. But this one… I’ll just say after I watched this, I become paranoid every time I woke up 3 in the morning.

Coraline (U.S)

If you love both animated and horror movie, Coraline is a good movie to watch. The movie isn’t that scary. But the story is great.

Alma (Spain)

Alma is a short animated film and it is scary beyond expectation. Just watch it for yourself.

Lights Out (U.S)

I’m not a big fan of the storyline but I still ended sleeping with lights on few weeks after I watched this.

I still have a long list of great horror movies to watch on Halloween but I don’t want to make this post lengthy. So, I’ll just leave the rest for your personal picks.

Happy watching!


This story is inspired on my original Tagalog Fantasy short story ‘Marica, ang babaeng may sinumpang ganda’. My first plan was only to translate the story in the English language so I can create it on EPISODE. If you’re familiar with EPISODE you know that there’s a need to create choices for the readers, and every choice leads to a different ending.

I took the time to create choices and there I come up with new interesting twists for the story. I ended re-vamping some of the chapters; I added/deleted scenes and renaming the characters.

The EPISODE plan eventually sunk down the ship because it was quite complicated than I thought. I just decided to post it on my WattPad page… hoping everyone can read/appreciate it.

The story started with a King who dedicated all his time and attention in managing his kingdom. He’s too busy that he forgot to find a wife. His people then decided to return the love to their King by throwing him a surprise birthday party where they will invite all single maiden in all nearby kingdom.

In the party, he met the singer named Sara and he knew that she’s the one. Of course, his long-time best friend Romina couldn’t accept it and decided to stop it. When she failed, she then decided to give their first born child a curse of beauty… a beauty that will only affect the hearts of all creatures of evil and her one true love.

Will she ever find her one true love?

Or will she forever be locked in the tower to hide her cursed beauty?

You can read the full story on my WattPad page.

Happy reading!

Finding the One

Job Hunting is Like Dating?

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day, but this blog post piques my interest. It is about “Finding the one

Don’t worry this is not tips on how to find Mr. Right. This post is comparing job hunting to dating. Now you know why it piques my interest. It’s been a while since I started job hunting again but for some reason, I still haven’t found the one.

“The nervous sweating, the giddy anticipation. Waiting for the call. The first time you meet. The ones that got away. The ones you can’t imagine a future with at all.”

I laughed quietly while reading this post and thought to myself, “Yeah uh, this is so true!” From stalking, picking an outfit way up to that awkward moment when you say something that you thought will mess your chance, and of course, there’s the heart-breaking rejection.

I just realize if job hunting is really similar to dating… does it mean that I’ll never have a job ever?

I’m 30, single for years now and I already accepted my fate to be an old maid. It’s all right, no need to pity me because it’s a choice I made. I’m better off alone. But accepting my fate to be jobless for life will never be easy. I want a career… a fruitful one.

I always pray God that if He’s not going to give me a Prince Charming, at least make me as rich as a Prince. It’s a better deal, right?

The Beach Queen is now ready to rock!

Welcome to the new face of my blog!

Lately, I’ve been attending graphic design classes, so, I thought of revamping my blog. This is not exactly how I envision my blog will look like, but with my freemium subscription here (WordPress), this is the best that I can do.

Anyway, some of you might ask what’s the “Beach Queen” have to do with my blog? The answer is simple, the beach queen is my solution to my previous problem. Quick flashback. I previously owned two blogs: one for my short stories, while the other is for my girly stuff. But in the end, I decided to keep only one since I’m having a hard time to update the two blogs at the same time. My plan is to combine them in one blog. The problem is, I don’t know how to do it.

Back to present. I come up with the idea of “Beach Queen” because beach represents ocean which is the essence of my blog’s name, while the queen represents almost everything about a woman. Plus, once I combine the words it gives another meaning. Does it describe my personality? No one will ever know 😉

I also organize my posts by adding/deleting categories. In my blog, there are only 3 main categories: Inspire me box, Niña Loves Pink, and Remember an Inspiring Ocean. Below them are their respective sub-category. I hope this will help my readers to easily find the posts they wanted to read.

I’m now happy because I finally solved my blog problem. Now I can concentrate on other things such as writing. I’m not writing any new stories for the past two months because I’ve been busy practicing my graphic design skills. But now, I’m thinking to write a new one… maybe something related to beach queen.