Dear Office Hubby,

Bitter is a word and now it exist… in my heart!
I don’t like you
I don’t love you
I don’t even care about you
But the moment I saw you with her…
I know, you meant something to me.
My heart froze as if I stayed too long in the ocean of Antarctic when I saw you together, almost kissing. Now I wish that I really live in the Antarctic having a simple life, catching fish for my polar bear pet.
I suddenly ask “In hundreds of people in the office, why me? Why do I have to see that?” An eye-opener? To slap me with reality that denial is not a safe place to hide my feelings? I obviously have thousands of questions but no matter how many times I ask, I can’t change the fact that he’s with her.
I look myself in the mirror, thinking.
What did you see in her?!
Is it because of her slim body type?
I may not be slim but I have the curves! Voluptuous is the new sexy!
Or Is it of her long straight black hair with side-swept bangs?
Well I can’t beat that, my hair is not a natural straight and I don’t have the bangs and guts for it.
I guess Love really is blind… Literally.
From my heart,
Divorce Office Wife
With background music: “Love takes” time by Mariah
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Disclaimer: Office Hubby is not really my husband. It’s a code name use by my colleagues for their crush.

'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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