Love sucks! Or am I?

 My life isn’t that difficult when I reached my teenage years.

That’s when I learned how to blend in RIGHT (I believe).

But one thing happened and never expects it to happen… so soon.

I know it’s too late to believe in fairy tales.

But in some ways, he makes me believe.

That once upon a time, I fell in love.

I fell in love with a man I called “Prince Charming”.

He’s charm makes my lips smile and his sweetness could melt my heart like a candy in my mouth.

Sometimes I wish his charm could reflect on his appearance, but I guess I could not have everything at the same time.

Having my own fairy tale makes my life, ROCK!

He makes everything simple… but not as easy as to be my MAN.

I knew to the day he proposed to be my man… I’m not ready.

Having a serious relationship is not on my list.

I still enjoy Barbie… as Barbie enjoys her closet full of vintage clothes.

Fear is what I felt.

From the moment I explained to him my situation, I knew my fairy tale will end.

But my spirit lifts up when he said “I will wait, until you’re ready”.

I concluded to myself “I hope he’s the one” with a sweet smile on my face.

My teenage years are finally over.

This is the time to change, to be mature and be independent.

That’s how my mom describes it.

But this means one thing for me… freedom.

Freedom to do everything I wanted without my parents at my side.

From being a Girl to a Lady.

I guess this is the right time for me to LOVE.

Woah Big word!

And the moment has come. We finally talk.

I plan a speech for this moment.

I even practice it in front of the mirror just to be perfect as I wanted it to be.

But before I can say anything, he held my hand and says his sorry.

He can no longer love me.

He told me he really waited for me but he never expect to wait that long.

Another woman confessed her attraction to him and he grabbed it.

Having the thought that I would never know and it will not last.

Nine months later, she’s pregnant and he needs to do the right thing.

I told him it’s “alright”.

“It’s been 4 years and I expectyou will not wait that long.”

I turned my back and walked away.

This time, I never looked back.

Sweet bitterness is what I felt.

But crying is not in my mind.

Maybe it’s alright for me after all.

I accepted that he’s not for me and… I’m not for him.

And I’m cool with that.

Life goes on.

I may never understand what LOVE is.

But I still have a good life ahead of me.

I have freedom now to do what I want.

I just have to enjoy the best out of it.



I hate change!

My computer in the office crashed down!!!! – Bad news, right?

But for me, this is worst!

I have a beautiful spot in the office that I won’t trade for anything. I don’t want to transfer PERIOD.
Not yet. I’m not emotionally prepared for this and I hope it will not happen.

Oh please Mr. Computer #6, hold on! Be strong! Don’t crash again… not until I crash down my feelings for Mr. Songer.

#ScaryFeeling #NotEmotionallyPrepared #BeStrongComputer6

Am I ready to say “Goodbye” to Mr. Songer

Why would I keep myself from loving someone who doesn’t even know who I am?!

Maybe it’s about time to give this frog a chance. Because who knows, this frog who I thought is wrong for me is in fact… my real Prince Charming. I just have to realize it before I kiss him.

Sing A Song

When YOU sing…

YOU awaken my sleeping soul;
YOU make my lonely heart jump to joy;
YOU drew a smile on my lips;
And most important is, YOU rock my world!

So please sing a song my dear Songbird…
Keep singing until you realize that you finally capture not only my ears but MY heart as well.