Words to live by.. :)



Damn! Do I need to kill myself now?

It’s been what? Two weeks when I wrote a post about me in great depression.

And now here I am, depress once again!

I’m disappointed with myself.

This is the only time that I feel so alone…
So controversial…
So useless…
So stupid…
So empty.

I’m thinking, do I need more sleep?
Do I just need more time for myself? To rest?
If I do all of these things, will it change my feelings?
Will I feel happier?


I know it’s been awhile.

These past few months, depression conquered my mind and heart.

It’s not a good experience but I learned so many things from it.

Now I realized that God loves me so much! Because he keeps on giving me challenges just to test my patience, my faith on Him, and my confidence.

And I feel better than ever now because I surpass it.

Not all, but soon it will be over.

Now I can go back again to the person who inspire me so much.

Thinking of #MrSonger ?


Oh no! Not anymore.

I notice him way before because of he’s undeniably good looks. With his chinky eyes and his snobbish image, I fall head over heels for him.

I guess “Love at first sight” isn’t real after all.

Don’t hate me for this statement, I do believe in this before but after my Professor in Theology explained us the concept… I think otherwise.

According to him, Love at first sight is impossible to happen but lust do.

“Lust? What the -?”


I know these are what you have in mind. Lust maybe a big word, but think it through…

When we meet people or strangers for the first time, we admire them based on their physical appearance: having a god-damn smile, cool hair style, fashionable, and so on.

Where do you think it will fall?


I don’t have to explain the difference between love and lust because you already know it… and have your own beliefs on it.

I don’t judge you. I respect it. And I hope you do the same with me.



I will not reveal him as of now, until I confirm if he’s single and ready to be mine.

Love is in the air


#MsChinita #GfNiMrChinito

Crying Out Loud

“I need space”

All this time I thought that this line is only applicable for couples. But I’m wrong!

I need space!
WE all are!

And thanks to YOU, we will never be the same again.

I hope you’re happy now.
Because we’re not! Obviously.

But in all the things that happened, I still want to say THANK YOU from the sincerest part of my heart.

Thank you for all your kindness BEFORE;
Thank you for being a great supporter;
Thank you for making us believe that you’re REALLY nice;
Thank you for showing us how bitchy you TRULY are;
And simply Thank you for making me feel stupid.

Keep that attitude and I’m sure you’ll be blessed with a long prosperous life.

P.S: I know you don’t like me. Don’t worry the feeling is mutual. You are one person that I would never want to meet again because you’re TOO good for me.

#BitchyBoss #IfYouHateMeSoAmI