Crying Out Loud

“I need space”

All this time I thought that this line is only applicable for couples. But I’m wrong!

I need space!
WE all are!

And thanks to YOU, we will never be the same again.

I hope you’re happy now.
Because we’re not! Obviously.

But in all the things that happened, I still want to say THANK YOU from the sincerest part of my heart.

Thank you for all your kindness BEFORE;
Thank you for being a great supporter;
Thank you for making us believe that you’re REALLY nice;
Thank you for showing us how bitchy you TRULY are;
And simply Thank you for making me feel stupid.

Keep that attitude and I’m sure you’ll be blessed with a long prosperous life.

P.S: I know you don’t like me. Don’t worry the feeling is mutual. You are one person that I would never want to meet again because you’re TOO good for me.

#BitchyBoss #IfYouHateMeSoAmI


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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