Little Creepy Secret

Why all of a sudden I’m talking about… kiss?

I thought it will take a long time before I could receive, again, a kiss from a special and dear man.

But tonight, I almost have one.

Shocking! Surprise! WTH! WTF! And said all the acronyms that have the same meaning!

Why am I acting like this? Because well (clearing up my throat), I really like the guy BEFORE.

It’s sort of an accident. I’m heading this way and he’s there standing, then he turned his back and face me.

In just a snap, we could have our first kiss TOGETHER!

I pretended nothing happened and get out the hell of there. But I could see him looking at me while walking away.

Did he know that we almost kiss? (almost a whisper)

I hope he didn’t because it’s just a second.. milli… mini… micro mini milli seconds. I know this sound ridiculous because there is no such thing as “micro mini milli seconds” LOL.


I didn’t tell it to anyone… well…. to one because I’m quite scared that they might teased me by singing

(Girl’s name) and (boy’s name) sitting in the tree

K-i-s-s-i-n-g! (spell it out) ♪

I hope not.

This is our little creepy secret, okay 🙂


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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