17 Reasons Why 27 Is The Weirdest Age

17 Reasons Why 27 Is the Weirdest Age – MY PERCEPTION

Posting this article obviously means that I’m 27 years old.
I’m proud of it.
I may not be as successful as everyone else… But in my opinion, I’m rocking it!
I do what I love to do.
And I’m surrounded with good people.
For me, that’s what important.

I’m writing this because I agree for the most part of this article.
27 is really one of the critical age in a people’s life.
You will begin to feel if there’s something missing in your life.
I suddenly remember my birthday.
My sister asked me if I feel something different.
Like whining on things that I didn’t have, if I felt incomplete, or unsatisfied with my life.
I immediately said ‘No’.
I didn’t know if I just answered this to avoid deep conversation.
Or just simply, I don’t have any unsatisfied business with my life.

Well back to the topic.
Most of the factors mentioned in here, is so true! Career, relationship, adulthood, and more.

Except for the pregnancy part.

I don’t have a boyfriend right now. So if I got pregnant, my parents will SURELY be not happy about it.
They might have a heart attack… or I’ll wish I’ll have one when I reveal it.

Well whose parents will be happy, right?


I just hate when people says stupid things regarding of being old, like: I need to get married, have kids, and so on. As if these are the only options they have.

The word OLD is not an indication that you have to get married and have kids.

As a woman, I understand because a woman’s biological clock is running out of time. It’s one to consider but for me, in my opinion, the real question here is, ARE YOU READY FOR IT? (Both for men and women.)

Think of the responsibilities it has, contemplate, then ask yourself:
Are you ready for the responsibilities as a wife, a mother, or a father?
Are you financially capable to handle a family? (For men)
Are you sure this is what you want and not only because your family/friends are pressuring you to do such things?

If you answer, yes to all, then good for you.
But for those who have doubts, take your time.
Everything has its proper time… and as others says it, in God’s time everything will happen.

This post is simply a wakeup call to all.
That we need to be happy with our life as if it will be the last.
Well this post really says that “you will meet your untimely death during this year.”

The word OLD will always means, to be mature and responsible in all my action, decisions, priorities in life, and to my family.

And if this is my last year on Earth, I’m sure I will leave this world with no rejections.

So, if you’re 27… Rock your 27th year. Be old. Be mature. Embrace your life. Have a happy year!

Thought Catalog


  • Saying “mid-to-late-twenties” is awkward and makes you realize our inclination to categorize and generalize our identities has gotten too extreme and specific.
  • And if you don’t die, you’ll wonder if it’s a sign you aren’t talented or accomplished enough.
  • 27 is the first year you start getting offended if people don’t card you for booze. First, you were underage and afraid to get carded. Then you turned 21 and it was thrilling. At 24, people stopped asking for your ID as often and that was novel and made you feel mature. By 27, fuck that. You better ask to see my ID or I’m going to assume I look ancient.
  • You realize that if you got pregnant/got someone pregnant at this age, not only would your parents not be super pissed at you, they…

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