HOOK-UP CULTURE: Is it for you or not?

Because of Ayin, I was able to watch this video: THE PROMISE AND PERILS OF HOOK-UP “CULTURE” by Gwen Sharp, PhD, Jun 21, 2011

We all know that casual sex is fun and a no-string attach kind of relationship. But as I watched the video, I learned that it is not.

It’s more complicated than you expected it to be.

And it’s NOT for everyone.

But what interest me in here is not the casual sex itself. It’s about how the speaker explains everything.

But from all of it, these three things stands out:
1) On how the speaker explained about what women wants… What women REALLY wants in sex.

Women wants one of these three things during sex… not all of it, just one and that is: Woman want it to be meaningful, feel empowered, or wants pleasure.

From here, I admit it’s true.

Women deserve to feel one of these things.

I know empowerment is not that easy to give but at least give them the PLEASURE they deserve.

Once you watched this video you’ll be shocked on the percentage on how many women that actually gets PLEASURE during sex.

Boys and men… this is a must-watch!

2) The speaker even said that HOOK-UP is safer, emotionally. Because you don’t have to deal with complication, fights, and arguments that a relationship has.

I don’t agree with her but looking at her datas, no one can blame her.

And this lead me to what I said earlier…. IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE.

And 3) Guilt beyond imagination.

I agree. Hook-up is a fun thing to do to freely express your sexuality and learn at the same time.

But the consequences tells you otherwise. And it’s not easy to deal with your conscience.

“HOOK-UP” is definitely not for me because I want it to be meaningful… I want a relationship which HOOK-UP can’t offer.

If you want to know more or want to watch the video by yourself, click the link: http://vimeo.com/21655142#at=19

For other reference, visit these links below (provided by Ayin):
1) http://thoughtcatalog.com/madeline-harrington/2014/03/7-realities-of-hooking-up-that-we-need-to-get-over-and-accept-already/
2) http://elitedaily.com/dating/sex/evolution-f-buddy-pros-cons-friends-benefits-situation/

You’ll learn a lot from here.


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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