“A cheater will always be a cheater” – FACT or MYTH?

I’m watching FRIENDS (a comedy TV Series) and Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) said this to Ross (played by David Schwimmer).


Now I wonder if this is really true. Or just a myth that a bitter ex-partner created.


Of course, guys will say a big “NO” into this. Well who would admit this, right?


But what is really the real score on this? I want to be open-minded to the possible reasons like, it depends on the situation. But then I realized that it’s not. Maybe the right question in here is “Why do they have to cheat in the first place?”


If they’re not happy with their partners, why don’t they just tell them upfront the real reason and leave?


It’s difficult and painful, but its way better than cheating.


I honestly don’t know the answer on this. If you have a better idea or opinion on this, please share it through commenting. I would love to hear it.


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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