Once again, Google make a remarkable move by celebrating the most interesting events in the world with a special doodle

Have you noticed the art on top of the search engine box of Google?

I’ve noticed it before but I thought it’s just a design to make Google page more attractive. But last May 19, I realized I’m wrong.

I found out that it’s a special doodle, Google team has created to celebrate the most interesting event in the world.

Just like on last May 19, as they celebrated the 40th anniversary of Rubik’s cube. They created an interactive Rubik’s cube. It’s cute and I even tried to play it. But I found it difficult to navigate, that’s why I gave up.

And now, Google make another artistic doodle as they celebrate Mary Anning’s 215th birthday. I honestly don’t know her but as I read her life and achievements, I found out that she’s one rockin’ lady.


To know more about her, click this link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/google/google-doodle/10845629/Google-doodle-marks-215th-birthday-of-British-palaeontologist-Mary-Anning.html


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