WordPress marked my First Anniversary

Nineteen days ago, WordPress marked my First anniversary as a blogger.


*SIDE NOTE: This is not an expression of happiness but more of a surprise. Because honestly, I never really expected that I will stay this long. I thought that this will be just a temporary thing, just as long as I’m working as a writer.

*But then, here I am, writing my First Anniversary post.

My first post here goes like this: “Today, I’m sitting in my desk doing… nothing.”

And after a year, I’m sitting in front of my desk and guess what I’m doing?

Nothing of course. Ha-ha! Is this Deja vu or what?!

*SIDE NOTE: Don’t worry, I’m not wasting my company’s resources for nonsensical purposes such as blogging. 😉 It just happened that we don’t have the workload yet for this cycle. Same reason one year ago.


One year ago, because of my boredom I come up to add one section of my blog and that is “Inspirational Box”.

And if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that this is a failure as I haven’t update it. But it’s a working progress.

Now as an Anniversary gift, and due to my boredom again, I created another section to my blog. Not one but two section.

Maybe you’re thinking that “When you added a category on your blog before, you haven’t able to update it. And now TWO??? WTF!” *Sorry for the dialogue. I can’t help myself doing this.

But this time, I will make sure that I will update this. Not regularly but as updated as possible.

Moving on…

One category is named ‘My Tummy Loves Cheesecake’, it is a collection of cheesecake that I tasted and loved. And it’s more of a gallery of pictures. No description as I am not a Professional to critic one’s food. I just trust my taste bud for this. XD

And the other one is for my stories. I have a lot of pending stories on my computer and notebook. I realized that it’s about time for them to be posted: for everyone to read, and for me to know if it is worth writing or not.

I didn’t know when I will start this. I’m still on the progress of planning.

But once it’s done, I hope you’ll visit again to read all of it.

That’s it for now. Happy reading!


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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