Killing 101 – Random Ideas

Did you ever had a feeling that you want to kill the person sitting next to you?

This is a scary question actually. But for some, they really considering this option. Maybe because their seatmates are way too annoying.

But this is a challenging job as you’re both in public. One must do it very smoothly so you will not get any attention. Also, you have limited resources that can be used in killing.

It’s so hard that I don’t know how to start it. But when I looked at my seatmate, in just a snap, I’m so inspired.

So let the planning begins. I’ll just come out with different scenario. And just pick what do you think is possible, and/or just a mere work of imagination.


*Of course, I’ll use my template on this:


WHO: A woman seatmate named Ali.

WHERE: Office

REASONS: Already explained on each story

SCENARIO 1: Stairs – Stairs are very common in public places. This is one clean resources you can use. Also, no one will ever questioned you.

It’s 4:30 in the morning. Time out is supposed to be 5 am but Ali already packed her bag and ready to go home. This becomes her habit everyday that’s why Ri, her seatmate, hates her.

Ri thought ‘Why she always wanted to be the first person to swiped her ID off to the scanner and rushed to the elevator? The worst part is, once she enters she will immediately close it. She wanted to be alone in the elevator all the time. WTF!’

But today she’ll end it.

Ali does the same, as usual. But to her surprised, Ri is already on the hallway waiting for the elevator to come up. Ri approached her and said “The elevator is all out. Try the service elevator”

Ali nodded and followed Ri’s advice.

When she opens up the door, she immediately noticed Captain America (that’s her code name for her crush)

She smiled shyly and stand next to him while waiting for the elevator to open.

Ali thought ‘This is my chance’. She gathered all her confidence to start a conversation. But before she could able to say anything, Ri opened the door and pushed her down the stairs.


SCENARIO 2: Electrocution

*I’m still using the same characters.

Ali have this habit to wear her headphones all the time during her shift. And when you tried to talk to her, she’ll sing out loud on your ears until you decide to walk away.

Ri is so pissed. She escalated the problem to their Manager. But Ali is a top performer of their team, so the judgment of the Manager is quite bias.

But Ri already run out of patience. She finally decided to put an end of Ali’s annoying habit.

The next day, Ri come to the office very early. So early that even the janitorial team is still not there to clean the place.

She went straight to her station and unpacked her bag. She pulled out a wire cutter first then grabbed Ali’s headset.

Upon finishing Ali’s headset, she placed it back and stared at it for a moment. She’s nervous and a bit guilty because she knows that her plan can kill Ali. But when she remembers all the annoying things Ali does and for sure, she’ll keep on doing; that feeling of guilt fades away.

And the moment has come. Ali came in, smiled at Ri for a moment then went straight at her seat. Her computer boot up, enter her password, and set up everything from work-related documents to the music channel.

And then grabs her headset and place it firmly on her ears.

“Ouch” Ali said very irritated.

Ri thought that Ali already noticed the open wire she hid on Ali’s ear piece. But she felt relief when Ali just shrugged her shoulder.

And once she hit the ‘play’ button, she got electrocuted.



Monday madness.

That’s how everyone often described Monday. But for Ri, it’s only an ordinary day to spend in the office. But she think otherwise as her office crush ‘Ray-Ray’ walked in front of her. He wears a violet long sleeve, black pants and shoes, and don’t forget his gorgeous stare.

Oh that stare… Whenever Ri caught a glimpse of his gorgeous stare, she wanted to harassed him (sexually of course *wink)

But her fantasies got ruined when Ali came in. She wear a dress that has the same color as Ray-Ray. And the worst part, Ray-Ray gave her a compliment.

With Ri’s madness, she imagine beating Ali with her mug to death.

But of course, she can’t do that… in public.

Ali approached her and told her everything they talked about. And the imagination continues on Ri’s head. She’s so annoying that Ri wishes to have a bomb on her hand and put it in her mouth and …. BOOM! She’s gone.

But of course that’s impossible to happen because there’s no available bomb at the office. So she just bear the pain – from her ears to her heart.

It’s 5 in the morning. Ri’s excitement starts to arise because she could finally go home and be away from Ali. But Ali asked her a favor and she can’t refused.

So she went with her at the ATM. But Ri decides at the last minute to stay at the grocery nearby to buy some snacks, and just wait her from there. They both agreed and went to different direction.

Ri is on the cashier paying for her food when she heard an explosion. She ran outside and saw the ATM where Ali is, exploded.

She stared at it just like anybody. But if you could only read her thoughts, you’ll know she says “Thank you!”



Piece of Advice: We only live once, so make the most out of it.

Background song: Better than Revenge by Taylor Swift

Picture reference:


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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