Feeling blue and BOYS!

The ocean is blue

And so as my mood

I don’t know if you understand what it means. But that’s how I am feeling for the past few days. And then, colds suddenly added to my blues. @!$^*(*%#

I prepared a whole post for this. But then I realize, rant is not something that readers would love to read. So I just decided to post something that could somehow inspiration. A diversion and a good one. So I come up with <drumroll please> BOYS!

I like to say MEN actually, but BOYS are more appealing. LOL!


Brace yourself for my random HOT list:

Daniel Radcliffe


I’m not a fan of DR even when Harry Potter hits the movie industry. But when he guested on Jimmy Fallon’s show and sang Alphabet Aerobics… Oh me gerd! I love him!

Jimmy Fallon


And speaking of which, of course, JF is on my list too. With his humor and wit, who wouldn’t love him?! And I love him even more when he’s doing one of his show’s segment, lip sync battle… he’s so into it. And so am I 😉

George Clooney


Well aside for the fact that he is soooo gorgeous. He’s the only man I’ve seen who rolled his eyes but still looks so manly… and gorgeous, again.

TJ Trinidad


I love him PERIOD 🙂

Ryan Gosling


5 words: tall, handsome, and sizzling hot!

Tyler Blackburn


I’m not a fan of Pretty Little Liars. But when I saw this gorgeous .gif of him… my underpants fell off. Well, can you blame me?

Tom Hiddleston


I’m definitely caught up with his evil ways, smile, and stare.

Prince Hans


I know he’s not real. But I’m still wishing that there is someone out there like him, who truly loves me and say, ‘glad I caught you… your heart’ *faint

Matt Bomer


If he’s Ken, I wouldn’t mind opening the minted box and play with him all night long. I know my sentence didn’t come out right, but I’m sticking to it. 😉

Well, that’s it for now… for me. How about you? Who’s on your top random list of hot boys?


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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