How far will you sacrifice just for love?

Maybe for some, it’s a stupid question.

But for someone, like me, who doesn’t been in love all her life, it’s a tough question.

Yes, at my age, I never been in love even I already had a boyfriend.

But that’s not the topic of my post.

Moving back.

I watched a movie entitled: Jack and the cuckoo clock heart and suddenly it hit me. The story is not a very deep one like ‘A walk to remember’ or ‘The Notebook’. But it still caught my attention, and even broke my heart.

The story is very simple.

Jack was born with a weak heart. For him to survive, the midwife replaced his heart with a clock. His mother abandoned him after giving birth, so the midwife raised him as a son she never had. She guide and loved him. She also made three rules for Jack to survive. And guess what? One of the rules is not to fall in love. But of course, he did fall in love.

Sadly, even the movie didn’t literally showed it, his delicate heart stop upon receiving his true love’s kiss.

I’m not supposed to be mad or disappointed by this because killing is my specialty. I love my characters to die in the most painful way possible.

But with this, I guess I’m still a kid inside. A kid who still believe in happily ever after and Prince Charming.

If you haven’t watch it yet, this is the link: http://www.putlocker.tw/watch-jack-and-the-cuckoo-clock-heart-online-free-putlocker-2013.html


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'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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