An Open Letter


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Dear Mr. R,


They say,

Heart is just a muscular organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system.

I find this funny because I always believe that (MY) heart is made just for you.

Corny? Well, it’s worth the shot.




From the moment you struck your sharp glare on me,

Some says, you were nothing but trouble;

But for me, I knew right then and there

My evil heart only belongs to you.


That was why I am so happy when Ms. R left your side.

Because I know, I have the chance to be with you.

To receive the same attention you once gave her,

Or even just have a glance on your lustrous smile.


But I was wrong.

With or without Ms. R, your heart is as cold as ice.

Love isn’t on your vocabulary,

Only lust.


Well, you make things interesting.

Because now, I want you more than ever.









♪ Happy birthday to me ♫

Yes, it’s my birthday baby! And I’m 00011100 of age. *Can you guess? Haha Don’t worry this isn’t a quiz.*


This is the day that I’m supposed to be happy because another year has added to my life. A year where I can do and achieve whatever I want.

But for some reason, I’m not fully happy.

Some say, I’m just having a quarter-life crisis.

But I’ve said ‘Nah, it’s not like that’ because for me, age is just a number.

Maybe the reason why I’m not fully happy is because I still feel that I’m a failure. Why? Because of these reasons:

  • I’m not successful in my career;
  • I haven’t traveled much;
  • I’m not rich;
  • I don’t have a stable boyfriend (???) *I don’t really find this as a loss, oh well*

But even I feel that way, I’m still thankful for so many things:

  • For having my family beside me;
  • Friends that I haven’t seen much, but still loves me;
  • My stories are being read by many and loving it;
  • And for all the drivers who still giving me a student discount on public transportation. *I still look like a teenager, yay!*

Despite the down side, overall, I’m happy to be alive! So to all the people who are celebrating their birthday today as well, Cheers! May we achieve all of our dreams!




A Minute With God

My name is God. You hardly have time for me. I love you and will always bless you.

I am always with you. I need you to spend 30 secs. of your time with Me today .

Don’t pray, just praise. Today I want this message to go across the world before midnight.

Will you help? Please do not delete it and I’ll help you with something that you are in need of.

Just dare Me! A blessing is coming your way. Please drop everything & pass it on.

Why do we feel sleepy in prayer, but stay awake through a 3 hour movie?

Why are we so bored when we look at the HOLY BOOK but find it easy to read other books?

Why are prayers getting smaller, but bars and clubs are expanding?

Why is it so easy to worship a celebrity, but very difficult to engage with God?

Think about it, are you going to forward this or are you going to ignore it because you think you will get laughed at?

Forward this to all your friends. 80% of you won’t. God said if you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you on the day of judgment.

When one door closes, God opens two. If God has opened doors for you, send this message to everyone…

God has no BLACKBERRY but He’s my favorite contact.

He is not on FACEBOOK but He is my best friend.

He is not on TWITTER but I still follow Him, and even without the INTERNET, I am always connected to Him.

He is not on gmail but He’s always online.

Forward if God’s been good to you!

God has been very good to me,  He has given me a wonderful family, great friends and so much more.

God has been my mainstay and has given me more than I could dream.​

I am not a religious person.

And I’m not pretending to be one.

I am sending this out to my blog and all of my social media accounts for two reasons: to praise and give thanks. HE deserves it. All the times that I needed HIM or HIS guidance, HE was there. HE never let me down even if I can only remember HIM in times of loneliness and in great need.

So now, I’m giving HIM my heart and soul.