How to say ‘GOODBYE’?

Saying goodbye is always a difficult thing to do – whether it is for a friend or enemy.


That’s why I already compose my letter two months before my resignation’s effectivity.


And the day has come, today, and I am ready to post it. But when I’m about to, something “sparkling” happened, and everything changed… for good.


I’m now staring blankly at my computer, thinking on how I will start this. And before I could take hours, I decided to look back to my first day.


First day is always memorable. And for me, it really was because the man who first gave me a smile become my inspiration to my entire stay. I even wrote a love story where he is my Prince and I’m his damsel in distress. But sadly, because laziness is one of my hobby, it’s still undone. Well hopefully one day I’ll able to finish it.


Then a gentleman came in, and he instantly became my office hubby. He is so charming. But after a year, I saw the real him. He is still like Prince Charming, not in Disney’s fairy tales but in Grimm’s fairy tales. He’s just charming but not sincere.


After him, I dated an outsider. It’s about time for me to be realistic, because I know those men will never be mine.


But it didn’t work, so I move on. But surprise! Surprise! I noticed that one of my officemate look exactly like him.


So yeah, I’m doom. I’m doom because I didn’t get any of them. LOL!


Anyway, I guess this is not a goodbye letter at all.


But it was good to look back to all the men who made my life interesting at ERILand. 🙂


P.S. About the ‘sparkling’ moment, it’s Mr. R. He message me through our office communicator saying goodbye and wishing me best in life and to my new work.


Oh well! Love is in the air ❤




Am I still alive… I mean active?

Yes, I’m still alive

Active? Not at all

So before I continue this post, I want to make some things right. And I hope you all won’t mind.

Happy new year

Another year has come and ready to rock your world!!!

I don’t know how I get this kind of energy (honestly) considering it’s 4 in the morning. Well maybe because there are lots of things happening to me lately and my brain still takes time to process it all.

What are those things? Let’s see…

There’s money problem…

More money problem…

And then I resigned to my job that I once thought will be my forever (or at least until I reach my retirement).

But don’t worry just like what I’ve said before, I will never write a post about rants. And besides, in every problem there’s always a silver lining. And for me my silver lining is… *drumroll please* I have a new job. Yay! It happens very fast and unexpected. Unexpected because during the interview, the General Manager already set his expectations. And all I can say is, ‘ah mmmm’ then smile so sweet (as if I understood everything he said).

To sum it up, it has a big responsibility and… that’s it, BIG. I don’t know if I can handle it, the challenge and all. But I still accepted it. Simply because I will never know the answer to my ‘What if’s’ if I will not accept it or try.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. I know I will be busy for the next few months, so blogging will be a challenge for me. But I will try my best to write in here (especially on Valentine’s day and to my last day at work) and keep you all updated.