Throwback Thursday: BOYS!

I know that I already talked about boys on my previous post.

But this is different and more personal because this is about all of my crushes — from my first to the last. I’m brave now to talk about them because we are now old and mature. Plus, they didn’t know my blog. LOL!

Anyway, I’ll begin.

I realized that there are lots of people who can cross our path. But it doesn’t mean that they all will stay for good.

For me it doesn’t matter how long a person stayed in my life. The most important thing to me are the things I learned from them, or the memory they gave.

Just like my crushes, they all didn’t stay in my life. But some of them left something to me that I will never ever forget.

Like my first crush, Angel. Everyone may say that first is always the most memorable. But I guess it’s not applicable to all instances, like this one because he didn’t make a mark on me back then. And I honestly can’t remember the reason why I like him before. But I still included him here because every time that we crossed path (until now), he will always make a way to greet me as an old good friend. And from that, it reminded me why I once like him.

My second crush was Ralph, the boy next door — literally. He was the boy from other class. I was a snob back then, so I didn’t care to him or to anyone in school. Not until one of the girl from class was shouting his name and expressed too much of her affection from this boy. I can remember saying ‘What’s the deal of that boy?’ You may imagine the expression of my face when I said that.

The girl looked at me seriously and walked on my direction. I am scared that day; I thought she will skin me alive, or something lighter than that. She faced me and asked “Have you ever met this boy?” I immediately shook my head in terror. And she replied “You will surely have a crush on him too when you met him.” then left.

A year after that, I met Ralph and instantly had a huge crush on him. He’s so cute! But I kept it to myself because I don’t want to hear that girl say “told ya”

But that was not the reason why he became memorable. He gave me something that I will never ever forget. And that is his smile. I remember one time that he teased me so hard that I almost cried. I said to my classmate that “tell him be thankful that he’s tall because I couldn’t slap him on his face!” But what happened next really surprised me. He poked me on my back and when I looked at him, he was there almost on his knee and he sweetly said “Now you can” then smiled.

I couldn’t breathe that time. I just slowly turned my back and smiled. I know that moment will surely stick on my mind for good. And it really did, because up to now whenever I’m sad or stress, I just think of him and that day; and everything will be back to normal.

My third crush was Jovert, the four-eyed friend of Ralph. It all started with my simple remark of “He’s cute” then everyone thought he was my crush.

Well I said that because he was my classmate in grade school and know exactly how he looked like back then. Then when we reached high school, oh boy he transformed so cute. Thank you puberty! But that was not the reason I like him. I like him because he was a snob like me. In all of my crushes, he was the only one like that, who shared the same attitude as mine.

Well so much for my high school crushes, let’s go to my college crushes.

The three Alvin’s of my life: the gentleman, Mr. Congeniality, and my soul mate.

I first met gentleman Alvin on first day of school. I’m head over heels for this guy because he has the looks and brain. We always compete on our grades and he also made me laugh whenever the professors scolded me because I didn’t know the answer to their questions.

But sadly, it didn’t last that long because he gained friends that… let’s just say have a bad influence on him.

Then I met Mr. Congeniality Alvin. He was good looking with a golden heart. Just like Angel, he always makes a way to greet me whenever we were, from the University Bridge to the mall. But there was one moment that I will never forget, the moment he saved my life. Not an action star kind of way.

That moment happened when I was in my junior year in college. It was morning and I’m really sleepy that time. I’m not a morning person, so this is really a challenge for me.

Anyway, in the entrance of my school there is a stair and a walkway for PWD to walk in. And because I’m really sleepy that time, I decided to walk on the PWD walkway to avoid accident. So there I walked. But I’m surprised when someone held me tight on both of my shoulder. That was when I realized that I closed my eyes that long and actually walked on the way to stairs. If the person didn’t catch me, I will spend the rest of my days in the hospital.

But that was not all, when I looked to my knight in shining armor, I swear that everything on our surrounding disappeared and heard an angel sing. That was the only time I realized that gentleman Alvin looks so yummy.


He was really a nice guy. But it all changed after he joined a beauty pageant for guys in the University. He embraced the thought that he’s handsome and dated the prettiest girl in the University. I admit that I am quite disappointed.

The last but certainly not the least was my soul mate Alvin. When I first met him, I thought he was a weird guy with glasses. He’s so quiet and firm. But when we became close, I realized that I was wrong. He’s cool and funny. He always makes me smile with his jokes. But sometimes, I hate him because his joke was personal like he called me “Dumbo, the flying elephant. I know I’m fat but do he really need to rub it to my face?! But what I like him the most was, if he saw that I’m really pissed he will made a way to make me smile.

In all of the boys that I had a crush on, he was the only one I fell in love with… or so I thought.

I love everything about him – bad and good sides of him. But of course, I snapped on daydreaming that one day we will be together as, you know lovers, because I realized that I was not in love with him. I just like him because our personality and flaws are the same.

I never believed in soul mate thingy and its existence. But with him, I started to believe in it.

Well that’s it, people! Those are the boys I once had a huge crush on.


How about you? Did you ever had a crush that stood out?




'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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