Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL

I’m in the middle of browsing tweets when I bumped into to this tweet…

3.	Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie Magic Mike XXL movie review


Then I realized that I never wrote a review for this movie. Yes, I watched Magic Mike on the big screen with my good friends and it was worth it! Big time!

Normally, Magic Mike isn’t the kind of movie that I’ll be interested to watch in. I never even heard of it when it first showed in 2012. I just learned about it Halloween of 2013 when one of my colleagues shouted to one of the participants of best Halloween costume contest “You look more like Magic Mike than a zombie” pertaining to his costume.

Then I asked “Who’s Magic Mike?” in a sarcastic tone of course (that’s me! always sarcastic) One of my friends type in to YouTube ‘Magic Mike’ and voila! I met Magic Mike.

And of course the first person I’ve noticed then is none other than, Matt Bomer… My ken! I love him so much, and I love him even more in that movie. Well who wouldn’t want to see him dancing with his ass waving on your face?!

That was why when I heard that it has a sequel which is Magic Mike XXL, I get excited! And at the same time I raised my right eyebrow on this. Why? Simply because Magic Mike is just a bunch of good looking strippers who dance their ass off! That’s it! So what story they can possibly come up to make the sequel stand out? (Do you get my point?)

But eventually they did come up with something. And story-wise, it’s way much better than the first one. I just hate it because they focused the movie more on the story than to stripping.

But I forgave them once I saw the dance moves, it’s far better than the first movie. And, there are lots of surprises in this movie that I really love. Here are the moments &characters that I love the most in this movie:

  1. Matt Bomer as Ken – This is given, I know. But I admit that ‘My Ken’ didn’t stand out from this movie compared to the last one. He’s so reserved and quiet. But he’s Matt Bomer so whatever happens I still love him.
  1. Channing Tatum as Magic Mike – I’m not a fan of Channing Tatum. He’s good-looking (can’t deny that), but his charm didn’t captivate me. But on this movie, OH MY GOD!!! (Imagine Janice of ‘Friends’ saying that. That’s exactly how I said it.) That’s all I can say. I instantly fell in love with him over and over again. Especially when he danced on his workshop with the drill, when he danced in the club of Rome, and of course, his last performance… BRAVO Channing! You definitely know how to make us (women) happy.
  1. Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie – He’s one of the characters that I found boring. He is attractive (very given) but what I don’t like about him is he’s a big man acting like a little girl at the beginning of the movie. No self-confident and looking for the perfect woman. O…K! But of course, he surprised us all with his fifty shades of grey dance moves. And once again I said it — OH MY GOD!!!
  1. Kevin Nash as Tarzan – When I first saw the poster, my immediate reaction was “What this old man doing in Magic Mike?” Yes, you can curse me for being judgmental. But when he made his performance, I’m all his! I love how he paint and how charming he is while painting. I just love him so much!
  1. Jada Pinkett Smith as Rome – She is the best! I LOVE her more than I love the male characters. Every word she says on how a woman should feel and be treated by their man is so true. And I realized that’s all I ever wanted, to be loved and worshipped. It was a wise move for Magic Mike XXL director to cast a woman… to cast her.
  1. Elizabeth Banks as Paris – I know she only has a small participation in this movie. But I love her because of her moment with Rome. When they looked at each other, there is a spark. I don’t even need to know their past because I’m pretty sure it is something very special. They are good actresses!
  1. Amber Heard as Zoe – Compared to the leading lady of Channing Tatum in the first movie, I like her more. She’s charming and not-so-uptight like the last one.
  1. And lastly, my favorite line was said by Rome: “Are you ready to be worshipped? Are you ready to be exulted?”

Overall, I love this movie. This is the kind of movie that I can watch whenever I’m lonely, stress, and broken-hearted. 😉

Anyway, that is my review. I hope you all enjoyed.




'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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