The X-Files: Skin — Not a review

Normally after I read a book, I just toss it to my shelf and move on. I never wrote a review for any book. And I don’t consider this post a review either. I just want to say/write something about it.

With my posts and stories, you may notice that I LOVE reading/writing horror, thriller, and suspense genre. So it’s not a surprised that ‘The X-Files: Skin’ caught my attention. But after reading it, I have mixed emotions about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! The story was great. I love how Ben Mezrich describe the settings of the story especially the Thailand part, it was flawless in my opinion. I really imagine myself in those caverns and the small city of Alkut.

Also, I love how he incorporates the country’s superstitious beliefs to the story. I’ve tried it before in one of my stories, but no luck.

Anyway, the reasons why I’m not that fully satisfied with the story because of its twist – the man who they thought died years ago turned out to be alive – too predictable. Also, the lack of closure on Emile Paladin’s part – when Mulder finally faced him he didn’t say anything or much about the drones. His reasons.

That’s only my opinion. But in spite of those reasons, I enjoyed it. XD




'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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