~ Late post ~

December 6, 1986 – There’s a couple in the hospital who are expecting to have a child. But the doctor said “Sorry not yet. Come back tomorrow.” Even the wife is in pain, the husband still decides to go home and wait.

And tomorrow comes, December 7, a baby girl has been born. They were surprise because they thought they were having a boy. But deep inside of the wife’s heart is rejoicing because she didn’t want to have a boy.

30 years later, the baby turned into a woman.

That’s how I tell my story. I thought it would be a good idea for my 30th year milestone to tell my story to my readers because 30 years is a very long time, there are lots of good memories to tell. But I’m surprise, and quite disappointed, that I don’t have much to tell. Looking back at my life when I was a child to teenage years, well there’s nothing to tell because I’m just an ordinary invisible girl who tried hard to blend in. Sadly, I failed. But I did have one achievement and that was, when I became one of the CAT leader during my senior year. *Note: CAT is a military training for highschool students.* I considered this to be one of my achievement because I’m a shy-type kind of person. Plus, I lose a lot of weight. Unfortunately, I recovered fast.

During my twenties, I graduated college (another achievement) and strive to build a promising career. After 5 jobs for the duration of 10 years, I’m still a failure. But I’m not fully disappointed because I did have a job as a writer, my dream job. Sadly, the company filed for bankruptcy.

In my thirties, I honestly don’t know what to expect. I just hope, and pray, that it will be fruitful both for my career and personal life. Also, good health for me and my family.



'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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