The Beach Queen is now ready to rock!

Welcome to the new face of my blog!

Lately, I’ve been attending graphic design classes, so, I thought of revamping my blog. This is not exactly how I envision my blog will look like, but with my freemium subscription here (WordPress), this is the best that I can do.

Anyway, some of you might ask what’s the “Beach Queen” have to do with my blog? The answer is simple, the beach queen is my solution to my previous problem. Quick flashback. I previously owned two blogs: one for my short stories, while the other is for my girly stuff. But in the end, I decided to keep only one since I’m having a hard time to update the two blogs at the same time. My plan is to combine them in one blog. The problem is, I don’t know how to do it.

Back to present. I come up with the idea of “Beach Queen” because beach represents ocean which is the essence of my blog’s name, while the queen represents almost everything about a woman. Plus, once I combine the words it gives another meaning. Does it describe my personality? No one will ever know 😉

I also organize my posts by adding/deleting categories. In my blog, there are only 3 main categories: Inspire me box, Niña Loves Pink, and Remember an Inspiring Ocean. Below them are their respective sub-category. I hope this will help my readers to easily find the posts they wanted to read.

I’m now happy because I finally solved my blog problem. Now I can concentrate on other things such as writing. I’m not writing any new stories for the past two months because I’ve been busy practicing my graphic design skills. But now, I’m thinking to write a new one… maybe something related to beach queen.


'Let your feelings be known. They are important.' ~ Cherry Hartman

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