Aspiring Fiction Book Author

Remember an Inspiring Ocean blog started back in 2013. It was created by an extraordinary weirdo who’s hoping to build a world of her own… a world where she can freely express her thoughts, imagination, and creativity.

NOTE: You, as a reader, can either love or hate her masterpiece. If you love it, thank you in advance. But if not, it’s all right she understands that she cannot please everyone. Just avoid arguing, rudely, with her because she bites. Respect is a virtue, we better practice it well.

Freelance Content Writer

This 2017, exactly 4 years later, this extraordinary weirdo decided to enter the world of SEO Content Writing. She’s offering freelance content writing services which include: Guest Posts, Web Content, Article & Blog Writing, Social Media Content, Product Reviews and Mobile Game Product Description.

Also, she has a basic Graphic Design Skills (Photo Manipulation and Brochure design).

Her WRITING & DESIGN PORTFOLIO is under maintenance.

Thank you in advance for reading.

Happy reading!