Sleep like a corpse – The dream

Read this if you haven’t read the first one: Sleep Like a Corpse

The night has finally come.

It’s been a long and tiring day for me. My job sucks! And I think everyone can relate on me.

Good thing there’s Niña.

Oh Niña… My love’s duet (even she couldn’t sing. But I can, at least there’s one who can sing our love song beautifully and that what matters… I hope.)

Enough chit chat! I’m going to bed and sleep!


*Tick tock tick tock

*Ring a ring a ring ding dong

What the hell!

*I get the alarm clock and throw it to the wall.

Damn you alarm clock, now I can’t get to sleep.

Why out of nowhere the alarm ring. I don’t even remember I set it.


I have no choice. My sleep has been ruined.

*I walked to go to the bathroom.

But when I opened the door, my mouth wide opened to what I saw.

I’m in the office?! I closed the door at once and took a deep breath, then open the door again and again and again.

‘I’m dreaming.’ I happily concluded.

PBut my mood turned bad again as I realized how pathetic I am that even in my dream, I’m still at WORK!

My life sucks! And everything else… sucks! (NOTE: I’m not fond of saying the word ‘sucks’; but that’s the perfect word that can describe my little pathetic life now.)

I felt like crying… thinking how tired I am.

‘There’s a leather black couch in here’ – I suddenly thought.

*I went straight where it is and decided to lie down for a moment to take a nap or better be awaken from this horrible nightmare.

*I sat down, lazily. Oh this is it, a nice comfortable soft bed.

But not too long when I felt someone beside me. And I’m surprised when I found out who the person is.

It’s Niña!

‘Oh dear boy’ I whispered with a smile on my face. If this is a dream, I’m starting to love it.

*take note of the high pitch voice when I said ‘love it’ 😉

‘But what will I do?’ the other side of my brain awaken my fascination on her.

Will I lie down beside her and hug her? Or I’ll wake her up for me to have the couch by myself?

The first one sounds great.

Well if this is a dream, technically it didn’t “really” happen. So I will not bear the embarrassment for the rest of my life if I pursue the first idea.

And so I made my decision.

I will lie down beside her and… BOOM! She punched me and fell off. I opened my eyes and saw the floor ‘Whew… good thing it’s only a dream’ I sighed.

“What dream, Francis!” Niña shouted.

I looked up and see the furious Niña.

“I’m sorry…?”


Sleep like a corpse

Everyone dream to have a fairytale love story… That once upon a time you’ll meet your One True Love, sing a beautiful song and live happily ever after.

But in reality,
Fairytale is just as good as a dream
That can only happens when we sleep.

So I guess I’ll have to sleep tight tonight because I might finally meet my One True Love IN MY DREAMS.