Last year, I posted a Halloween special on WattPad that consists of 5 short stories.

This year, I decided to do it again. But since I remember it late, I only wrote one story and its’ titled “Fuck the Dead”. The story evolves in a small town where teenagers believe in an urban legend called “Fuck the Dead”. The legend stated that there was a girl met her untimely death in an abandoned house at Exile Street. Everyone believes that once a brave man fucks the dead girl well enough, she’ll wake up and go to the light peacefully.

But when a teenage boy named Tom Hannigan disappeared, his friend Dennis Wellington found out the truth behind the urban legend.

Will the girl really go to the light once she wakes up?

Or will she avenge her death by killing everyone who fucks her?

The inspiration behind this story is the horror movies that have weird and kind of erotic titles. So, I decided to write my own and put a weird and erotic title on it. I choose between “Fuck the dead”, “Kill the horny teenager” and “Say Fuck and your dead”.

I actually came up with three stories for each title. But since I’m running out of time, I just decided to finish one. I’ll write the other stories for next time or next year.

Anyway, I will give you a sneak preview of my newest story. If you find it interesting, read the full story on my WattPad page. Happy reading!


It’s a typical night at the hospital. People come rushing in with broken legs, stabbed wounds, or a man having a heart attack. Every night may have a different problem but one thing in common, everyday someone dies.

Collin, the janitor, has been working in St. Anne’s hospital for 10 good years. He finally gets over with all those horrible sights. He just detaches himself by whistling his favorite song while cleaning all the blood on the floor.

But Collin feels lucky when his boss assigned him to the 4th floor especially in room 411-A. He’s been in the hospital long enough, but not once he has a glimpse of the patient in that room. He heard a story about that patient, and everyone in the hospital called her the modern sleeping beauty. Collin never read the fairy tale story of the sleeping beauty but he heard about an urban legend titled fuck the dead. And he’s dying to try it out.

He does his usual mopping while whistling. He secretly looked around and upon seeing no one’s around, he went inside to 411-A room and there he saw a beautiful blonde girl. He checks the room first if ever there’s a guardian around. When he found it’s empty, he locked the door. He immediately removes the blanket and saw the porcelain complexion of the girl. He smoothly caresses the girl’s legs and he feels his junk hardening. He lifted the hospital dress and sees the girl’s clean pussy. He waived his tongue on his upper lips while inserting his two fingers into the girl’s pussy. Upon feeling the soft and tight pussy, he got excited and pushed it harder inside and out of the girl’s pussy.

After several strokes, he took out his fingers and licks it. “Why do blonde girls always have the tastiest juice?” he asked himself.

He knows he wanted more, so, he checked again outside for anyone and when he sees that no one is around, he locked again the door then pulled the girl’s legs on the side of the bed, making her legs hang while her upper body is lying straight on the bed. He positioned himself in between of it and unzipped his pants. He is about to shove his junk inside of the girl’s pussy when someone grabbed his neck and hold a tight grip on it. He looked up and surprised to see the girl awaken and said, “Don’t you ever think about it!”



This story is inspired on my original Tagalog Fantasy short story ‘Marica, ang babaeng may sinumpang ganda’. My first plan was only to translate the story in the English language so I can create it on EPISODE. If you’re familiar with EPISODE you know that there’s a need to create choices for the readers, and every choice leads to a different ending.

I took the time to create choices and there I come up with new interesting twists for the story. I ended re-vamping some of the chapters; I added/deleted scenes and renaming the characters.

The EPISODE plan eventually sunk down the ship because it was quite complicated than I thought. I just decided to post it on my WattPad page… hoping everyone can read/appreciate it.

The story started with a King who dedicated all his time and attention in managing his kingdom. He’s too busy that he forgot to find a wife. His people then decided to return the love to their King by throwing him a surprise birthday party where they will invite all single maiden in all nearby kingdom.

In the party, he met the singer named Sara and he knew that she’s the one. Of course, his long-time best friend Romina couldn’t accept it and decided to stop it. When she failed, she then decided to give their first born child a curse of beauty… a beauty that will only affect the hearts of all creatures of evil and her one true love.

Will she ever find her one true love?

Or will she forever be locked in the tower to hide her cursed beauty?

You can read the full story on my WattPad page.

Happy reading!

What’s new?

I’ve been absent in the blogging world for I think months. But what’s new!? I’m not really that active in the blogging world ever since I started this blog.

But anyways, the reason I’m not active the past few months is because I’ve been busy finishing my pending stories. If you read my New Year’s goals, you know that I’m just keeping my goals seriously… for the first time. And I finished two, the ghost story that until now I don’t have a title for it; and the second one is the new and English version of Marica. Yes, I translated it in English because I’m planning to create my story on Episode (the mobile app where you can read stories). With this, I decided to re-name some of the characters, removed some scenes, and added a new one.

I will soon post this either here or in my WattPad page.

Anyway, I still have 6 pending stories to work on:

1 My obsession with love, sex, and death (fictional autobiography)

2 Confession of two hearts (romance) – actually, this one is already done but since I wrote it during my high school days, there are some scenes that are… let’s just say I will make it more realistic.

3 Mary Ann (thriller)

4 Re-vamping my Killing 101 compilation (horror) – I decided to re-name this to Añinoir’s Murderous Musing. I will also edit the short stories in this collection.

5 The tale of Añinoir (fairy tale)

6 Piece of me (thriller) – I’m not sure on this one if I really want to make this a full-length story. But due to some requests, I will try.



Every writer/author have their own unique way to kill their characters. That is why I created Killing 101, to show everyone my strategies on how to kill MY characters. It serves as a challenge to me since I am not familiar with other means of killing like torture, accidents, and cannibalism. But now I can say, I improved on those areas. Well, I need more practice that’s for sure and killing 101 segment in my blog is a good platform for it.

Anyway, I back read all the stories I wrote and realized, I have 6 good stories already since I began. I don’t know if it is only my own opinion that it is a good series like Goosebumps & Are you afraid of the dark. Even I am not sure, I decided to compile it all and officially made it a short story series. I already posted it on my Booklat & WattPad page with 2 new stories. So, if you have spare time I hope you can read it sometime.

#RememberanInspiringOcean Halloween special: Killing 101 series


So far, this is the busiest year of my life. There are lots of things going on in my life – both good and bad. For the bad days, I’m trying my best to look at the brighter side of it.

Anyway, my birthday is just few weeks away. I am turning 30 so I’m not that excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for reaching 30. But in terms of the things that a 30-year old person should have, *sigh*, I am not even close. My career, still no luck. And since my career is such a failure, so as the financial aspect of my life. It sucks!

But I’m not losing hope since the year doesn’t end yet. So, there is still a chance that it might change from sucks to wow!

While I am waiting for that to happen, I will just keep myself busy by organizing my social media account and checking my list of things to be done before I turn 30.

I will just start to the latter part.

One of my goals before turning 30 is to read 30 books. Unfortunately, that is way too far from reality. So, I just change it to finish all my pending stories. And I am happy to say that I finished writing & editing one of my pending stories with a title: KILLING 101: TORTURE. Also, I’ve finished a new story with a title: KILLING 101: DELICIOUS REVENGE.

I am quite proud to myself since I never finished before two stories in one day. It’s a new record for me, yay! (NOTE: I will add this to my bucket list before I turn 30)

Next, I am planning to compile all the stories I wrote in my blog and as well as the stories I contributed to other blogs, which is Maldita’s Society. GOOD NEWS: As of yesterday, I finished compiling all my stories. I am just giving it a quick edit before I print it.

So far so good.

Now, I am going to proceed in organizing my social media accounts.

For my blog, I will have certain changes like I will no longer post my new stories in here. When I started blogging, that is my only goal – to post in here my stories to raise audience and reach out to other writers around the world. But now, with all the new platform in the web, I realized that a blog is not a good platform for it anymore. (NOTE: this is only my opinion)

My blog will now serve as a news bulletin for my new stories with proper links to my Wattpad & Booklat page.

Also, I will add ‘Niña Loves Pink’ here in my blog. I finally decided to delete ‘Niña Loves Pink’ blog because having two blogs requires too much work. I also deactivated my Tumblr, Facebook, and Remember an inspiring ocean Twitter account. I am now using my personal Twitter account for my blog.

Now I can confidently say that I can fully concentrate in writing my stories. No more distraction, I hope.