Last year, I posted a Halloween special on WattPad that consists of 5 short stories.

This year, I decided to do it again. But since I remember it late, I only wrote one story and its’ titled “Fuck the Dead”. The story evolves in a small town where teenagers believe in an urban legend called “Fuck the Dead”. The legend stated that there was a girl met her untimely death in an abandoned house at Exile Street. Everyone believes that once a brave man fucks the dead girl well enough, she’ll wake up and go to the light peacefully.

But when a teenage boy named Tom Hannigan disappeared, his friend Dennis Wellington found out the truth behind the urban legend.

Will the girl really go to the light once she wakes up?

Or will she avenge her death by killing everyone who fucks her?

The inspiration behind this story is the horror movies that have weird and kind of erotic titles. So, I decided to write my own and put a weird and erotic title on it. I choose between “Fuck the dead”, “Kill the horny teenager” and “Say Fuck and your dead”.

I actually came up with three stories for each title. But since I’m running out of time, I just decided to finish one. I’ll write the other stories for next time or next year.

Anyway, I will give you a sneak preview of my newest story. If you find it interesting, read the full story on my WattPad page. Happy reading!


It’s a typical night at the hospital. People come rushing in with broken legs, stabbed wounds, or a man having a heart attack. Every night may have a different problem but one thing in common, everyday someone dies.

Collin, the janitor, has been working in St. Anne’s hospital for 10 good years. He finally gets over with all those horrible sights. He just detaches himself by whistling his favorite song while cleaning all the blood on the floor.

But Collin feels lucky when his boss assigned him to the 4th floor especially in room 411-A. He’s been in the hospital long enough, but not once he has a glimpse of the patient in that room. He heard a story about that patient, and everyone in the hospital called her the modern sleeping beauty. Collin never read the fairy tale story of the sleeping beauty but he heard about an urban legend titled fuck the dead. And he’s dying to try it out.

He does his usual mopping while whistling. He secretly looked around and upon seeing no one’s around, he went inside to 411-A room and there he saw a beautiful blonde girl. He checks the room first if ever there’s a guardian around. When he found it’s empty, he locked the door. He immediately removes the blanket and saw the porcelain complexion of the girl. He smoothly caresses the girl’s legs and he feels his junk hardening. He lifted the hospital dress and sees the girl’s clean pussy. He waived his tongue on his upper lips while inserting his two fingers into the girl’s pussy. Upon feeling the soft and tight pussy, he got excited and pushed it harder inside and out of the girl’s pussy.

After several strokes, he took out his fingers and licks it. “Why do blonde girls always have the tastiest juice?” he asked himself.

He knows he wanted more, so, he checked again outside for anyone and when he sees that no one is around, he locked again the door then pulled the girl’s legs on the side of the bed, making her legs hang while her upper body is lying straight on the bed. He positioned himself in between of it and unzipped his pants. He is about to shove his junk inside of the girl’s pussy when someone grabbed his neck and hold a tight grip on it. He looked up and surprised to see the girl awaken and said, “Don’t you ever think about it!”



This story is inspired on my original Tagalog Fantasy short story ‘Marica, ang babaeng may sinumpang ganda’. My first plan was only to translate the story in the English language so I can create it on EPISODE. If you’re familiar with EPISODE you know that there’s a need to create choices for the readers, and every choice leads to a different ending.

I took the time to create choices and there I come up with new interesting twists for the story. I ended re-vamping some of the chapters; I added/deleted scenes and renaming the characters.

The EPISODE plan eventually sunk down the ship because it was quite complicated than I thought. I just decided to post it on my WattPad page… hoping everyone can read/appreciate it.

The story started with a King who dedicated all his time and attention in managing his kingdom. He’s too busy that he forgot to find a wife. His people then decided to return the love to their King by throwing him a surprise birthday party where they will invite all single maiden in all nearby kingdom.

In the party, he met the singer named Sara and he knew that she’s the one. Of course, his long-time best friend Romina couldn’t accept it and decided to stop it. When she failed, she then decided to give their first born child a curse of beauty… a beauty that will only affect the hearts of all creatures of evil and her one true love.

Will she ever find her one true love?

Or will she forever be locked in the tower to hide her cursed beauty?

You can read the full story on my WattPad page.

Happy reading!


Every writer/author have their own unique way to kill their characters. That is why I created Killing 101, to show everyone my strategies on how to kill MY characters. It serves as a challenge to me since I am not familiar with other means of killing like torture, accidents, and cannibalism. But now I can say, I improved on those areas. Well, I need more practice that’s for sure and killing 101 segment in my blog is a good platform for it.

Anyway, I back read all the stories I wrote and realized, I have 6 good stories already since I began. I don’t know if it is only my own opinion that it is a good series like Goosebumps & Are you afraid of the dark. Even I am not sure, I decided to compile it all and officially made it a short story series. I already posted it on my Booklat & WattPad page with 2 new stories. So, if you have spare time I hope you can read it sometime.

#RememberanInspiringOcean Halloween special: Killing 101 series

killing 101 – Cannibalism

Title: Piece of me

It’s a typical Friday afternoon at the University. Some students are already planning what party to join in on the weekend. But there are some like Ronin, where it’s just an ordinary day for a bloody class in Literature.

As the class goes, she suddenly have a weird feeling of being watch. It’s a ridiculous thought but just to be sure, she wandered her eyes around the classroom and found a guy sitting two chairs from her left looking at her. And to make it worse, the guy lick his upper lips with his tounge. Her left eyebrow raised and shifted her attention to the Professor. But to her surprise, when she look again to her left, the guy is already sitting next to her.

She avoided having eye contact to the creepy guy.

“I know you want it too” he whispered.

“What?” She replied without looking at him.

“Don’t play virgin with me. I saw you at the library yesterday and how you played yourself.” He teased.

Her eyes wide opened upon hearing it.

“I can do more than that you know” he said as if he is offering her a great deal.

“Straight to the point”

“I want a piece of you, if you know what I mean.”

Her mood suddenly change.

She looks at him again but this time with a very seductive smile on her face. “So you’re saying, you want a piece of this” she said while unbuttoning her blouse and her very generous breasts showed up.

His eyes sparkle with lust upon seeing it and says “Oh yeah”

“Prove it” she then lifted her skirt, removed her underwear, and spread her legs. “If I enjoy it, you can have me.”

And so he gave her a touch that she will never forget. Or that’s how he hopes it to be.

They were done just before the professor dismissed the class. But before she left, she wrote her address on a piece of paper and gave it to him.

“Meet me there at 7”

The guy felt relieve when he heard that.

He arrive at the said place earlier than 7. He want to make sure if this girl gave him a legit address or not. He looked at the window trying to figure out what is her room. All lights are off, except for the last window to the right at the second floor. He look at it for a moment just to check if it’s the girl’s room. And he’s right as the girl stands by the window and starting to undress.

“Oh jeez, this will be greater than I thought.” He said to himself and decided to finally knock on her door.

He knock three times and the door opened up. He’s surprise as the girl is already on her most seductive lingerie.

“Did you enjoy the mini-show?” She said in a very seductive voice.

He entered the room and said “What mini-show?” As if he never knew what she meant.

“Oh don’t play virgin with me. I know you’re watching me through the window.” She smiled.

“You’re one kinky woman.”

“I know. And now it’s your turn to give me a little show.” And she sit on the couch, lean her back, and stretch her arms at the sofa headboard.

“My name by the wa-“

“I don’t care about your name. I care more on your thingy.” She smiled.

And the guy started to undress. Her jaw drops upon seeing his body. His skin is very smooth as if it is a woman’s body. And his body, oh, it is very well-toned.

“You’ve trick me” she suddenly said, then stood up and walked closer to see more of his delicious body.

“Trick you?” he said while following her every move.

“Yes, you’ve trick me with your hotness. I never thought there’s a very well-built body under your baggy and quite smelly clothes.” She replied while touching his shoulders way to his chest. And by the way she looks at him, he knows she’s already having an orgasm.

“And that’s not all I’ve got.”

“I know” then push him on the sofa and kneel down.

She lick his foot way up to his thigh. It felt so good especially when her tongue reaches his balls while her hands cup it. He let him do her thing and just rest his head on the sofa headboard.

‘She’s really good’ he thought. But his momentum suddenly disturbed when he felt something sharp slashed the back of his ankle.

“Sorry, I scratch when I’m horny” she immediately explains.

“It’s all right. Suck me up.”

“Later. I have other plan in mind.” She continues the wonders of her tongue; while her left hand is busy exploring his body.

He never felt this high before; considering that there are no major actions happening yet. It’s like he’s on drugs. But he immediately dismiss the idea and just enjoy.

But again, he has been distracted by the touch of something sharp. And once again he ignore it with the fear that she will get mad and stop when he point it out again.

But one scratch led to another to the point that it hurts really bad. So he look down to ask her if she can limit the scratching. But when he looked down all he sees is, this girl is eating his flesh and licking the blood that flows on her hand.

He’s shock. Furious. And when he met her eyes, he felt even more as he sees the woman smiling at him while licking her hands with his blood. He shove her away from him, it’s hard enough for flew on the other side of the room and hit her head on the wall. He tried to stand up but he fall. And when he look at his ankle, it has been slashed.

“Crazy bitch!” he yelled with madness. And do it again, but this time it’s loud enough for someone to hear and help him.

The woman spread her legs, sat down on his back, and whispered “Why are you trying to leave? Aren’t you enjoying?”

“You disgust me”

“Why? You’ve said that you want a piece of me.”

She put her lips much closer to his ears and said with conviction “Well good news dumb head, so am I!”



Killing 101 – Random Ideas

Did you ever had a feeling that you want to kill the person sitting next to you?

This is a scary question actually. But for some, they really considering this option. Maybe because their seatmates are way too annoying.

But this is a challenging job as you’re both in public. One must do it very smoothly so you will not get any attention. Also, you have limited resources that can be used in killing.

It’s so hard that I don’t know how to start it. But when I looked at my seatmate, in just a snap, I’m so inspired.

So let the planning begins. I’ll just come out with different scenario. And just pick what do you think is possible, and/or just a mere work of imagination.


*Of course, I’ll use my template on this:


WHO: A woman seatmate named Ali.

WHERE: Office

REASONS: Already explained on each story

SCENARIO 1: Stairs – Stairs are very common in public places. This is one clean resources you can use. Also, no one will ever questioned you.

It’s 4:30 in the morning. Time out is supposed to be 5 am but Ali already packed her bag and ready to go home. This becomes her habit everyday that’s why Ri, her seatmate, hates her.

Ri thought ‘Why she always wanted to be the first person to swiped her ID off to the scanner and rushed to the elevator? The worst part is, once she enters she will immediately close it. She wanted to be alone in the elevator all the time. WTF!’

But today she’ll end it.

Ali does the same, as usual. But to her surprised, Ri is already on the hallway waiting for the elevator to come up. Ri approached her and said “The elevator is all out. Try the service elevator”

Ali nodded and followed Ri’s advice.

When she opens up the door, she immediately noticed Captain America (that’s her code name for her crush)

She smiled shyly and stand next to him while waiting for the elevator to open.

Ali thought ‘This is my chance’. She gathered all her confidence to start a conversation. But before she could able to say anything, Ri opened the door and pushed her down the stairs.


SCENARIO 2: Electrocution

*I’m still using the same characters.

Ali have this habit to wear her headphones all the time during her shift. And when you tried to talk to her, she’ll sing out loud on your ears until you decide to walk away.

Ri is so pissed. She escalated the problem to their Manager. But Ali is a top performer of their team, so the judgment of the Manager is quite bias.

But Ri already run out of patience. She finally decided to put an end of Ali’s annoying habit.

The next day, Ri come to the office very early. So early that even the janitorial team is still not there to clean the place.

She went straight to her station and unpacked her bag. She pulled out a wire cutter first then grabbed Ali’s headset.

Upon finishing Ali’s headset, she placed it back and stared at it for a moment. She’s nervous and a bit guilty because she knows that her plan can kill Ali. But when she remembers all the annoying things Ali does and for sure, she’ll keep on doing; that feeling of guilt fades away.

And the moment has come. Ali came in, smiled at Ri for a moment then went straight at her seat. Her computer boot up, enter her password, and set up everything from work-related documents to the music channel.

And then grabs her headset and place it firmly on her ears.

“Ouch” Ali said very irritated.

Ri thought that Ali already noticed the open wire she hid on Ali’s ear piece. But she felt relief when Ali just shrugged her shoulder.

And once she hit the ‘play’ button, she got electrocuted.



Monday madness.

That’s how everyone often described Monday. But for Ri, it’s only an ordinary day to spend in the office. But she think otherwise as her office crush ‘Ray-Ray’ walked in front of her. He wears a violet long sleeve, black pants and shoes, and don’t forget his gorgeous stare.

Oh that stare… Whenever Ri caught a glimpse of his gorgeous stare, she wanted to harassed him (sexually of course *wink)

But her fantasies got ruined when Ali came in. She wear a dress that has the same color as Ray-Ray. And the worst part, Ray-Ray gave her a compliment.

With Ri’s madness, she imagine beating Ali with her mug to death.

But of course, she can’t do that… in public.

Ali approached her and told her everything they talked about. And the imagination continues on Ri’s head. She’s so annoying that Ri wishes to have a bomb on her hand and put it in her mouth and …. BOOM! She’s gone.

But of course that’s impossible to happen because there’s no available bomb at the office. So she just bear the pain – from her ears to her heart.

It’s 5 in the morning. Ri’s excitement starts to arise because she could finally go home and be away from Ali. But Ali asked her a favor and she can’t refused.

So she went with her at the ATM. But Ri decides at the last minute to stay at the grocery nearby to buy some snacks, and just wait her from there. They both agreed and went to different direction.

Ri is on the cashier paying for her food when she heard an explosion. She ran outside and saw the ATM where Ali is, exploded.

She stared at it just like anybody. But if you could only read her thoughts, you’ll know she says “Thank you!”



Piece of Advice: We only live once, so make the most out of it.

Background song: Better than Revenge by Taylor Swift

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