Dear Office Hubby,

Bitter is a word and now it exist… in my heart!
I don’t like you
I don’t love you
I don’t even care about you
But the moment I saw you with her…
I know, you meant something to me.
My heart froze as if I stayed too long in the ocean of Antarctic when I saw you together, almost kissing. Now I wish that I really live in the Antarctic having a simple life, catching fish for my polar bear pet.
I suddenly ask “In hundreds of people in the office, why me? Why do I have to see that?” An eye-opener? To slap me with reality that denial is not a safe place to hide my feelings? I obviously have thousands of questions but no matter how many times I ask, I can’t change the fact that he’s with her.
I look myself in the mirror, thinking.
What did you see in her?!
Is it because of her slim body type?
I may not be slim but I have the curves! Voluptuous is the new sexy!
Or Is it of her long straight black hair with side-swept bangs?
Well I can’t beat that, my hair is not a natural straight and I don’t have the bangs and guts for it.
I guess Love really is blind… Literally.
From my heart,
Divorce Office Wife
With background music: “Love takes” time by Mariah
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Disclaimer: Office Hubby is not really my husband. It’s a code name use by my colleagues for their crush.

May 30: Office adventure

Today, I’m sitting in my desk doing…. nothing.

I’m usually busy when I’m in the office but as we ended our cycle yesterday and the next cycle will be release maybe Friday.

We simply waiting the time to pass so we can all go home.

Anyway, I’m thinking what to do to make my day worthy somehow and suddenly, I typed in “inspiring quotes to live by” out of nowhere in Google search engine. I browse all the pages in the result page and read it.

This inspire me to put an Inspirational box here in my blog. This way whenever a reader visited my blog, if they didn’t enjoyed my blog at least they got inspired.

BTW: While I’m writing this, I’m listening to Backstreetboys songs at

It has beautiful songs but one thing I hate about this site, they don’t have all the songs of Aaron Carter.

Yes people, I’m an Aaron Carter fan and I’m proud of it! One reason is, we have the same birthday. <giggles!>