WordPress marked my First Anniversary

Nineteen days ago, WordPress marked my First anniversary as a blogger.


*SIDE NOTE: This is not an expression of happiness but more of a surprise. Because honestly, I never really expected that I will stay this long. I thought that this will be just a temporary thing, just as long as I’m working as a writer.

*But then, here I am, writing my First Anniversary post.

My first post here goes like this: “Today, I’m sitting in my desk doing… nothing.”

And after a year, I’m sitting in front of my desk and guess what I’m doing?

Nothing of course. Ha-ha! Is this Deja vu or what?!

*SIDE NOTE: Don’t worry, I’m not wasting my company’s resources for nonsensical purposes such as blogging. 😉 It just happened that we don’t have the workload yet for this cycle. Same reason one year ago.


One year ago, because of my boredom I come up to add one section of my blog and that is “Inspirational Box”.

And if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that this is a failure as I haven’t update it. But it’s a working progress.

Now as an Anniversary gift, and due to my boredom again, I created another section to my blog. Not one but two section.

Maybe you’re thinking that “When you added a category on your blog before, you haven’t able to update it. And now TWO??? WTF!” *Sorry for the dialogue. I can’t help myself doing this.

But this time, I will make sure that I will update this. Not regularly but as updated as possible.

Moving on…

One category is named ‘My Tummy Loves Cheesecake’, it is a collection of cheesecake that I tasted and loved. And it’s more of a gallery of pictures. No description as I am not a Professional to critic one’s food. I just trust my taste bud for this. XD

And the other one is for my stories. I have a lot of pending stories on my computer and notebook. I realized that it’s about time for them to be posted: for everyone to read, and for me to know if it is worth writing or not.

I didn’t know when I will start this. I’m still on the progress of planning.

But once it’s done, I hope you’ll visit again to read all of it.

That’s it for now. Happy reading!


Once again, Google make a remarkable move by celebrating the most interesting events in the world with a special doodle

Have you noticed the art on top of the search engine box of Google?

I’ve noticed it before but I thought it’s just a design to make Google page more attractive. But last May 19, I realized I’m wrong.

I found out that it’s a special doodle, Google team has created to celebrate the most interesting event in the world.

Just like on last May 19, as they celebrated the 40th anniversary of Rubik’s cube. They created an interactive Rubik’s cube. It’s cute and I even tried to play it. But I found it difficult to navigate, that’s why I gave up.

And now, Google make another artistic doodle as they celebrate Mary Anning’s 215th birthday. I honestly don’t know her but as I read her life and achievements, I found out that she’s one rockin’ lady.


To know more about her, click this link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/google/google-doodle/10845629/Google-doodle-marks-215th-birthday-of-British-palaeontologist-Mary-Anning.html

“A cheater will always be a cheater” – FACT or MYTH?

I’m watching FRIENDS (a comedy TV Series) and Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) said this to Ross (played by David Schwimmer).


Now I wonder if this is really true. Or just a myth that a bitter ex-partner created.


Of course, guys will say a big “NO” into this. Well who would admit this, right?


But what is really the real score on this? I want to be open-minded to the possible reasons like, it depends on the situation. But then I realized that it’s not. Maybe the right question in here is “Why do they have to cheat in the first place?”


If they’re not happy with their partners, why don’t they just tell them upfront the real reason and leave?


It’s difficult and painful, but its way better than cheating.


I honestly don’t know the answer on this. If you have a better idea or opinion on this, please share it through commenting. I would love to hear it.

Failed Proposals

My opinion about this video that I watched at Yahoo! News last night: Failed Proposals

We all know that a man is very reluctant to leave his bachelor’s type of lifestyle.

But once he decided to propose a marriage to his girlfriend, you’ll know right then and there, he’s serious to spend the rest of his life with her.

He’ll make it as special as possible for sure.

Like go out for a dance night and ask the DJ to pass the microphone on you, so you can dedicate a song and propose on the dance floor.

Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal for everyone around to see.

Take her at the place you first met and gather your family and friends, so they can witness the magical moment when you propose.

That’s the trend these days, the “cheesier” the more romantic it is, no doubt about that.

But what if the girl says “NO” then walks away after he raised the question?

What will happen next?

How this ‘supposed-to-be’ a magical and romantic moment can turn into the worst nightmare to a man’s life?

What could possibly go wrong to these proposals?

I don’t know the answers but imagining the embarrassment a man could receive after, it’s horrible!

Some may even say: “That girl is heartless!”, “What a bitch!”, and so on.

But let’s think again.

Is she really being a bitch?

For me, there’s always a reason why a woman will turn down an important proposal like this.

*And this is all my opinion.

1) They only been dating for weeks, months, or short span of time;

2) They have “trust” issues – e.g. the guy cheated on her but she give him another chance;

3) She’s not seeing herself spending the rest of her life with him;

4) Or simply, she’s not ready.

These are just some of the millions of reason out there.

But if you’re a guy and you want to make sure you will hear nothing but “Yes” when you propose to your girl, it’s not a bad idea to think about these things and consider it before you ask that one important question.

I’m not saying, I’m right. But if you have something to share or add, leave it on the comment box. I love to hear ideas from all of you.

Daydreaming Wednesday (And Yes I know it doesn’t rhyme)

I saw my crush wearing a black shirt today with a caption on it.


I stared at it for a while and then noticed that he’s looking at me and said “Are you done reading it?”


I casually replied “No” then pause. Look straight on his cute face (NOTE: And realized that his face is not like the shape of a mango or cashew!)


“I just want to hug you.” I continued then walked away.


To my surprise, he followed me on my desk and said “Hi… I just want to say, yes you can.”


Without hesitation, I hugged him so tight.


*Reality check

How I wish I will have the courage to say those words to him (without fainting) and everything I wanted will magically happen for REAL!