What is the first book you’ve ever read?


No particular reason why I chose this book. It was just one ordinary day and boredom struck me.

A little history about my childhood…

If you know me, you know that my mom didn’t allow us to play outside the house. Typical reason, outdoor games is only for boys and girls stays at home.

At first, it was fine because I have three siblings to play with. We are actually 5 — all girls and I’m the middle child. But because of the large age gap between my eldest sister to us, we didn’t have the chance to play with her.

Going back…

But as we grow older, of course we started to have our own thing. I still love playing my Barbie doll, no doubt about that. But not everyday of course.

So I’ve started to wander around the house and boom! I found this book in one of my sister’s bookshelves. I’m curious about it, so I read it. And surprisingly, for someone who doesn’t like books, I like it.

The story may not be 100% fit for my age that time because of some erotic and violent scenarios. But the way I interpreted it before, the story is about a young girl who strives hard just to achieve all of her dreams.

And as a young girl, I know that’s the kind of attitude I needed to have for me to achieve all of my dreams.

And that’s how my fascination about books started.

How about you? What is the first book you’ve ever read?