What’s new?

I’ve been absent in the blogging world for I think months. But what’s new!? I’m not really that active in the blogging world ever since I started this blog.

But anyways, the reason I’m not active the past few months is because I’ve been busy finishing my pending stories. If you read my New Year’s goals, you know that I’m just keeping my goals seriously… for the first time. And I finished two, the ghost story that until now I don’t have a title for it; and the second one is the new and English version of Marica. Yes, I translated it in English because I’m planning to create my story on Episode (the mobile app where you can read stories). With this, I decided to re-name some of the characters, removed some scenes, and added a new one.

I will soon post this either here or in my WattPad page.

Anyway, I still have 6 pending stories to work on:

1 My obsession with love, sex, and death (fictional autobiography)

2 Confession of two hearts (romance) – actually, this one is already done but since I wrote it during my high school days, there are some scenes that are… let’s just say I will make it more realistic.

3 Mary Ann (thriller)

4 Re-vamping my Killing 101 compilation (horror) – I decided to re-name this to Añinoir’s Murderous Musing. I will also edit the short stories in this collection.

5 The tale of Añinoir (fairy tale)

6 Piece of me (thriller) – I’m not sure on this one if I really want to make this a full-length story. But due to some requests, I will try.



Inspiration struck!

You may all know that I’m having a crisis in my life right now. But I’m trying so hard to look for an inspiration or a brighter side of my dark world.

And now I can happily say that I finally found my inspiration through an article. The article is about the most evil women in history. It’s very inspiring right? For me, it really is because I’m writing a new story about a stripper who accidentally gave birth to triplets. The mother isn’t the lead character of my story, but she will be the main reason why the triplets grew up to be who they are in the future.

I don’t have a clear outline of the story yet. But reading this kind of article will surely help me in developing my characters’ personality. *Cross finger

If anyone wants to read the article, here is the link: http://viral-contents.info/10-most-evil-women-in-the-history/9/