The Beach Queen is now ready to rock!

Welcome to the new face of my blog!

Lately, I’ve been attending graphic design classes, so, I thought of revamping my blog. This is not exactly how I envision my blog will look like, but with my freemium subscription here (WordPress), this is the best that I can do.

Anyway, some of you might ask what’s the “Beach Queen” have to do with my blog? The answer is simple, the beach queen is my solution to my previous problem. Quick flashback. I previously owned two blogs: one for my short stories, while the other is for my girly stuff. But in the end, I decided to keep only one since I’m having a hard time to update the two blogs at the same time. My plan is to combine them in one blog. The problem is, I don’t know how to do it.

Back to present. I come up with the idea of “Beach Queen” because beach represents ocean which is the essence of my blog’s name, while the queen represents almost everything about a woman. Plus, once I combine the words it gives another meaning. Does it describe my personality? No one will ever know 😉

I also organize my posts by adding/deleting categories. In my blog, there are only 3 main categories: Inspire me box, Niña Loves Pink, and Remember an Inspiring Ocean. Below them are their respective sub-category. I hope this will help my readers to easily find the posts they wanted to read.

I’m now happy because I finally solved my blog problem. Now I can concentrate on other things such as writing. I’m not writing any new stories for the past two months because I’ve been busy practicing my graphic design skills. But now, I’m thinking to write a new one… maybe something related to beach queen.



So far, this is the busiest year of my life. There are lots of things going on in my life – both good and bad. For the bad days, I’m trying my best to look at the brighter side of it.

Anyway, my birthday is just few weeks away. I am turning 30 so I’m not that excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for reaching 30. But in terms of the things that a 30-year old person should have, *sigh*, I am not even close. My career, still no luck. And since my career is such a failure, so as the financial aspect of my life. It sucks!

But I’m not losing hope since the year doesn’t end yet. So, there is still a chance that it might change from sucks to wow!

While I am waiting for that to happen, I will just keep myself busy by organizing my social media account and checking my list of things to be done before I turn 30.

I will just start to the latter part.

One of my goals before turning 30 is to read 30 books. Unfortunately, that is way too far from reality. So, I just change it to finish all my pending stories. And I am happy to say that I finished writing & editing one of my pending stories with a title: KILLING 101: TORTURE. Also, I’ve finished a new story with a title: KILLING 101: DELICIOUS REVENGE.

I am quite proud to myself since I never finished before two stories in one day. It’s a new record for me, yay! (NOTE: I will add this to my bucket list before I turn 30)

Next, I am planning to compile all the stories I wrote in my blog and as well as the stories I contributed to other blogs, which is Maldita’s Society. GOOD NEWS: As of yesterday, I finished compiling all my stories. I am just giving it a quick edit before I print it.

So far so good.

Now, I am going to proceed in organizing my social media accounts.

For my blog, I will have certain changes like I will no longer post my new stories in here. When I started blogging, that is my only goal – to post in here my stories to raise audience and reach out to other writers around the world. But now, with all the new platform in the web, I realized that a blog is not a good platform for it anymore. (NOTE: this is only my opinion)

My blog will now serve as a news bulletin for my new stories with proper links to my Wattpad & Booklat page.

Also, I will add ‘Niña Loves Pink’ here in my blog. I finally decided to delete ‘Niña Loves Pink’ blog because having two blogs requires too much work. I also deactivated my Tumblr, Facebook, and Remember an inspiring ocean Twitter account. I am now using my personal Twitter account for my blog.

Now I can confidently say that I can fully concentrate in writing my stories. No more distraction, I hope.


First world problem: Writer’s block

writer's block

I’m in a serious trouble because I neglected this blog for almost a month now!

But what can I do, inspiration is being cruel to me lately. I can’t think of a single topic to write. I don’t even know how to finish this post.

I’m officially doomed!

I tried to search for an inspiration like reading the freshly pressed here on WordPress. But even I found something worth sharing, I can’t re-blog it because I can’t think of anything to add on it; like, reason why I shared it or what are the things I like in that article. *NOTE: Those are the usual things that I do when I re-blog*

Anyway, I hope I can overcome this “writer’s block” very soon.

But as for the moment, I will just force myself to continue writing on my pending stories.

How about you? Have you experienced writer’s block? How did you overcome it?


2 year Anniversary

Another blogging achievement: 2 years of blogging

2nd year anniversaryIt’s my second anniversary as a blogger. Yay! I admit, I never thought that I could pull this up for this long.

Blogging wasn’t on my list of things that I wanted to have. For me a blog is like having a relationship, it requires a lot of attention and maintenance just to make the relationship work smoothly.

And 2 years after, I still think that way. I feel guilty whenever I haven’t find the time to post anything, like for a month or more. Or worst, I didn’t open my account at all.

So to lessen my guilt, I opened my blog at work and pinned it on my Internet browser. This way I can visit it, read some from the freshly pressed, and hopefully can write something when inspiration hits me.

Anyhow, congratulations to me! I hope soon I can write a story again. So all my visitors will have something to look forward to when they visit my blog.


Remember an Inspiring Ocean, The full story behind the blog’s name

My blog started in 2013. I wrote a lot of stories, opinions, and musings in life. But I realized that for 2 long years, I never wrote any posts that explains the name of this blog. Why I chose Remember an Inspiring Ocean? What’s its meaning?… And so on.

That was why I decided to share it with all of you. The full story behind my blog’s name.

I’m starting this by confessing that I am very lazy when it comes to writing. I love to write stories, but I’m too lazy to write all of it down on a paper or type it in the computer. At first, I thought its fine because no one actually knows that I’m into writing short stories. Or even if I do write it down, no one will ever like it.

But everything changed when I became a professional writer in an SEO company.  I need a place where I can practice/enhance my writing skill. And a blog is just the perfect solution. That was when I decided to start this blog. It was just a bonus that I were able to showcase my hidden passion in creating short stories as well.

But it took me weeks before I get this blog up and running because I didn’t know what to name it. I want the name to be “catchy”, describes who I am, and reflects the purpose of this blog. It was really difficult just thinking about it.

Good thing I remember my best friend’s letter. She gave it to me before we graduated highschool. I knew she wrote a phrase that she said best describe my personality. And that phrase is ‘Remember an Inspiring Ocean’. Aside for the obvious reason that it came from the first three letter of my name, I don’t know how this phrase describes my personality.

But looking back at my vacation in Boracay, I were able to come up with a conclusion. When we first look into the ocean, we only see a plain color blue. But once we swim and look down, we will see that there are lots of beautiful things to see down there. And maybe that’s how my bestfriend sees me, at first look I look plain. But when she started to know me more, she found out that there were lots of interesting things about me.

And that was how I decided to name my blog Remember an Inspiring Ocean. How about you? How did you come up with the name of your blog?