Introducing: ‘Niña Loves Pink’ blog

Hello, everyone! I’m back!

It’s been a month since I last post in here. I hope you all miss me ;). Because me, I really do miss you guys; reading your stories and writing my stories in here as well.

But that’s life, I guess. Busy and stuff.

Anyhow, I am now here to share my happiness to all of you. There are two good things happened to me for the past month. One, my killing 101 is now on the page 3 of Google search results. I’m really happy about this because there are lots of websites out there that have the same topic as mine (I think). So the competitions are pretty tough. I thought if ever I will be place on Google search result, I will probably at the 20th page or last. But page 3, wow, I’m still speechless about it.

And second, I will be having a new blog named “Niña Loves Pink”. If you read my previous posts, you may know that this is not my original plan. My original plan is to add a new category and it will be named “My Tummy Loves Cheesecake”.

But because I’m having doubts about it, I postponed it and gave myself time to contemplate. I’m having doubts simply because I created ‘Remember an Inspiring Ocean’ to be my outlet as an aspiring fiction writer. This is the platform where I can freely express myself (ideas) without being judge. And I want to stay it that way.

Also, I’m scared that I might confuse my readers/audience if I do it.

So after thorough consideration, I finally decided to go with a new blog.

Why I named it “Niña Loves Pink”?

Niña is the second half of my first name. And honestly, I don’t like being called to that name. But I consider it for several reasons:

My theme for the new blog is about fashion trends, the food I love to eat, and almost everything under the sun. So I want my blog name to sound like it.

That’s why I consider pink. For me, it’s a color that represents fashion, femininity, and love. Plus, it’s my favourite color. *I think the last one answered everything, LOL!*

So Pink it is.

But just like this blog, I want my new blog to represent me. Once you heard about it, you will immediately know that it’s my blog. It’s difficult right? Particularly for me because creating of a title is always been one of my weaknesses. That’s why I decide to just reflect on the process on how I named my first blog.

Remember an Inspiring Ocean comes from the first three letters of my first name – RIO. My best friend was the one who came up with the meaning and gave it to me when we were still in high school. She said that, these are the words that best describe me. She’s my friend and I trust her. That’s why I keep it.

So for the new blog, I want it to be meaningful, it defines me, and simple. And for some reason, Niña fits to that. And that’s how I come up with the name.

*Side Not: But even I create a new blog, my Google Plus and other social media account will remain the same. The two blogs will share one account to save time in updating.*

Truth is starting this new blog is nerve-wrecking because I don’t know if the readers will support me, the way you support my first blog. But nothing will happen on me if I let those feeling fill my mind and heart, right?

Thank you for reading. And I hope to see you on my other blog.