What is the weirdest thing you can possibly do in the name of love?

That’s the common question I’ve heard so far in my life about love. Well don’t ask me, I never fall in love yet. But some people say that they can kill someone who dares to steal their girl or man. I’m not sure if they mean it, or if it is just a metaphor kind of expression.

So just for fun, I did some research on Google about the weirdest things people can do for love. And to my surprise, this article pop up: “10 evil killer couples”. You know me, I love this kind of articles so I read it.

The article isn’t really about people who killed someone because they steal their love of their life. This article is more of two people who fall in love and at the same time have the same passion. And that passion happens to be killing, stealing, and other criminal acts.

From that article, I suddenly asked myself if I can fall in love with people who are involved in high-end crimes. My initial answer will be a big NO because I know my life, and my family as well, will be in great danger if I let myself to fall in love with that kind of man. But the other side of me, my hopeless romantic side, says YES!  Me and him against the world.

Well that is just my opinion. How about you? What is the weirdest thing you can possibly do in the name of love? I hope nothing illegal… XD


Reference: http://oldcatlady.com/10-evil-killer-couples/